Achievement is the reward of the drive to achieve something.One cannot possess a drive.They can only feel it.It only comes to those who lack something that they always wanted. If everyone of us got everything that we wanted,then the world would be a place where we could not achieve anything.


We all have a role to play.Simple or complex.Easy or rough.A unique combination or a straightforward category. Whatever it is,as actors we have a choice.To either take our roles seriously,bargain for a better one or leave the stage. The state we are in and state we were in shape our paths.But what we intend to …


Don't aim to become smart.or strong.or kind.These qualities have no particular definition,standard,metric or limit. Aim to become to become better even by the tiniest fraction every moment. In the end,it is the small steps that cover long milestones.You cannot achieve everything in one go.Live this moment.Cherish it.Improve.Take a step up.And repeat.


Working with the best tools brings efficient results easily.In the same way when you keep your mind and body healthy by eating right and thinking right,you are honing your body which is your tool to achieve your goals. Sheer hard work is not wrong but it is stressful sometimes.You need to play the game of …