Your decisions act on you and your environment to create your reality.

The more favourable decisions you make, the greater the positive impact on your reality. The metric of favourable decisions is how fruitful they will be in the long run. Eating a bag of potato chips may seem as if it's in your favour because it tastes delicious, but in the long run, those same potato …

Time management is simply the process of prioritization.

Don't simply write down the tasks you want to accomplish. Order them from start to finish in such a way that they align with rest of your day and complete themselves without you knowing.

You never lose time, you trade it for experience

Most of us believe that as we age, we lose time due to shortening of our lifespan, putting us at a disadvantage. What we forget to defend is that some time well-spent is a time well-lived. A life enriched with experience of time is a blessing. Don't fret that you won't long enough. You'll still …

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