Why you should put on your lab coat to experiment with truth

Neither ignore criticism nor accept it as your eternal reality. Permanent ignorance or acceptance of criticism means that you are unwilling to investigate and improve your present self. What you must do is treat criticism as an opportunity to grow. You are being criticized because, either you are lacking in something or others are lacking …



If teaching was all about reading, then we would have no human professors. Only books. Teaching goes beyond a book, not within. Beyond the book means teaching works within a student. Teaching is not about completing curriculum. It's about helping the student discover their destiny.

Learning and memory

I feel that to learn something, writing it down is the best way to retain it. You have limited attention capacity. So to utilise it the best you need to practice small chunk of the task at a time. Just like we eat in bites, not the whole plate at a time because we know …


I have learned more from my mistakes and that of the others than any other sources of learning and teaching.Doing something the wrong way sometimes sets us on the right way.When we understand what is bad and harmful,we pick out and implement what is good and virtuous.That's why our evil past and deeds shouldn't be …

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