Incompetent people have a tendency of dragging themselves and others down. If you come across such people, or are turning into one, you not only have to stop them from affecting you, but also show them the right way. Life can be so much more than a pull and push quest.

Theory vs. Application

While teaching one can show the application of the theory first, and then build the theory leading up to it. Simple application serves as a better anchor than theoretical jargon to apply thinking and creativity.


Don't compare yourself to others. Instead learn from them. Two people are never alike. So there's no point in comparing. But learning is open to everyone. You will live one life. Only one life with respect to the person you are now. To do that effectively you need good resources. And is there a better …


The first step to understanding something is not understanding it. I would only try to understand something that I don't know.For what I know I will just assume I know it and won't critically pursue it any further. Knowledge evolves through debates and conversations.It isn't stable,it is ever changing. To keep up with the change,we …