Learn and grow forever

If you can't do something, it doesn't mean you CAN'T DO IT. It just means that you CAN'T DO IT YET. Just figure out how to do it and practice, because that's what expertise is about. Cursing yourself for being stupid or blaming others for your own limitation is a vicious cycle of stagnation.


When we study or prepare for an exam, our mind is set on the destination. That's a wrong way to learn. When you set a goal, you become too occupied with it, and that keeps you away from fun that learning brings. Do not take the fun out of learn. You can study with fun.

Learning and memory

I feel that to learn something, writing it down is the best way to retain it. You have limited attention capacity. So to utilise it the best you need to practice small chunk of the task at a time. Just like we eat in bites, not the whole plate at a time because we know …


Real win is when you can resist your distraction. Can only resist something when you get used to it. Don't fight it.Don't waste your energy.Let your distraction burn out instead of you. Just acknowledge your distraction and say 'Only I will win!'