Cognition & Speech

Just because someone doesn't speak up doesn't mean they don't understand. Not everything is to be replied to,the alternative is to think over it. I have seen elders pushing children to be more outspoken.But why nobody encourages children to think more? They can't speak unless they think,can they? For productive speech,productive thinking is necessary.


There's a tradeoff between acknowledging new ideas and sharing new ideas.Both cannot exist without each other.Our democracy wouldn't exist without them.If you can't be tolerant to other people's ideas,you cannot share your idea freely.You don't have to accept everything,just learn to respect everyone's freedom and opinion.Their experience of life has been very different from yours.They …


No language is superior or inferior than the other language.Every language is just a means of communication.And a means of communication must be simple and accessible to all.Whatever it is - broken sentences,incorrect grammar,imprecise vocabulary or off-base accent - it must not hold you back from speaking your mind.