Human as a social animal. Pros Vs Cons

Surely, being social promotes cooperation, which in turn can promote favourable outcomes for both individual and society. But being social in restrictive sense, where you identify with one group and another, may bring more harm than good. Sociability is an asset when everyone is your friend, but it's a futile if you just create enemies. …


You want to achieve a goal? Surround yourself by people who want to achieve similar goals.Energy is contagious.Their wish will flow through you and your wish will flow through them.This transfer of energy is how you will sustain throughout.


Masses can be more easily influenced than an individual.Being in a social group creates a pressure to follow the social norm.Led by authority we forget our true selves and become part of the group.It is important to save your identity.That's what makes you sane.That's what makes you human.