To do or not to

The regret for not doing something is greater than the regret of doing something and failing. The dread of not knowing will keep you on edge. The failure will at least teach you a good lesson. That's why it's better to know, no matter the answer, rather than living in uncertainty. As human beings, it …


Consensus is not always important

Suspending action until consensus is reached is a choice. If you wait for majority to initiate something then you might as well forget to do it. We are so much driven by social norms that we become afraid to something different.Even though it may be the right thing to do. You only live once (YOLO!) …


Going with the flow doesn't mean that you go up without preparation or go down with regret. Going with the flow means to adapt and change until the day comes that you control the flow. Laying back and observing,and deciding the best course of action.That's going with the flow.

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