Happiness is an identity you create

We want to experience maximum happiness. Yet we forget to or/and choose not to collect happiness from moments available to us in the present. 'IF this happens, THEN I will be happy' - ordinary mindset. 'I AM happy' - extraordinary minset. When you put a condition on your own happiness, meaning when you decide a …

Why sacrifice is the greatest of all teachers

Self-realization is the most powerful motivator in the world. And it can only be achieved by experiencing loss. It is a high price to pay because we don't want to experience pain. But unless we fail, we don't change. Loss and pain are due in process of self-exploration and discovery. They just happen when we …


Everything in life is a choice.You blame others for the decisions made on your behalf because you were just a thumb sucking kid who did not know the ways of the world? While blaming is a choice; so is dealing with the mess in your life.Everything is a choice.


In order to build a sturdier building,one has to tear down the old one and start executing plans for the new. In the same way when you suffer in life,you do become stronger - but only when you tear down your old self and construct yourself anew.