Struggle is not an obstacle, but a path to reach perfection.

If you're struggling right now don't think it is a waste of your resources. It is a part of your progress. You are already playing the game. Keep playing and don't give up.

You rest peacefully only when you live life with bursting enthusiasm

It's ALL about the journey, not the goal. It doesn't matter if you set a high or a low goal, what's important is that you cherish the journey leading you towards the goal. Stop fixating on a goal, and start fixing the path you choose in life.


Saving your money doesn't make you rich.Investing it does.Because the saved-up money will be used-up one day,but invested money will keep growing (with slight fluctuations of course).You only come across savings when you have done some sort of investing in the first place,right? In the same way: Saving your time doesn't make you rich in …


Motivation can be a consequence of good planning rather than intense emotion.It is the difference between 'work smart' and 'work hard' respectively. When your motivation is dependent on your emotion,and as we know our emotions are never constant,sometimes we get either a fleeting moment or short-term motivation boost,or else a severe blow due to negative …

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