Goal achievement

When you are carrying out a plan and think maybe you're not going in the right direction; remember the moment you promised yourself why you decided to do this. Your past self was desperate to achieve the goal,you're losing motivation even though back then you weren't. Don't look on the side of why I should …


No one has a perfect beginning. As you go along the way,you need to perfect the system you live in. That doesn't guarantee that you will have perfect ending. But what it will guarantee is meaningful life. Contributing to your own existence and that of others during the process of perfection.


Do not expect stuff to happen.Expectations are a big killer of dreams.Instead you should focus on exploration because it is an endless path. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go ahead with a plan,but don't restrict yourself to plans.Improvs will always be needed.

Consensus is not always important

Suspending action until consensus is reached is a choice. If you wait for majority to initiate something then you might as well forget to do it. We are so much driven by social norms that we become afraid to something different.Even though it may be the right thing to do. You only live once (YOLO!) …

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