Jealousy arises when we focus on what others have THAT we don’t.

It's absolutely okay to compare yourself with others to improve oneself. Such comparison may raise some internal conflict in short-term, but in the long-term such comparison is necessary for realizing one's potential. But if you compare yourself with other to kick yourself down, then you'll never be happy again.


Success and failure are not outcomes of your efforts.

Success and failure are processes that help you evolve. They tell you what works and what not works. Unfortunately, we use success and failure to judge ourselves and others. What we should rather be doing is use them as 'tools' to unravel are potential. REMEMBER: Success and failures are merely TOOLS of growth, not growth …

Don’t strive to become better. Strive to become the best.

The difference: When you simply try to become better than something or someone, your passion burns out after you become better than them. But, by trying to become the best, you remove the upper limit of what you can do and what can be done. It's insane to set a limitation when you can achieve …

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