Do not expect stuff to happen.Expectations are a big killer of dreams.Instead you should focus on exploration because it is an endless path. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go ahead with a plan,but don't restrict yourself to plans.Improvs will always be needed.


Going with the flow doesn't mean that you go up without preparation or go down with regret. Going with the flow means to adapt and change until the day comes that you control the flow. Laying back and observing,and deciding the best course of action.That's going with the flow.


There are two ways to make change possible - in both cases you need to become 'big' relative to the task. Either you grow your knowledge and skill - become an expert at doing something. Or you shrink the challenge - you divide your goal into smaller individual attainable actions. Either way,you become more daunting …


Motivation can be a consequence of good planning rather than intense emotion.It is the difference between 'work smart' and 'work hard' respectively. When your motivation is dependent on your emotion,and as we know our emotions are never constant,sometimes we get either a fleeting moment or short-term motivation boost,or else a severe blow due to negative …