Those who complain don't bring change. Those who bring change address those complaints. No matter how noble of a choice you make,you will always face some resistance from others. Pay attention to critique to improve your choices and not to demotivate yourself.


Life is not a cycle.It is a web. Not one beginning or end.Not one way to live but plenty.Not one choice to make but many. It is a snare.It is a game.We got to adapt and change.Ourselves and our ways. We create the web.We shape it.We destroy it.We end it. We make what we make …


Don't aim to become smart.or strong.or kind.These qualities have no particular definition,standard,metric or limit. Aim to become to become better even by the tiniest fraction every moment. In the end,it is the small steps that cover long milestones.You cannot achieve everything in one go.Live this moment.Cherish it.Improve.Take a step up.And repeat.

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