Don’t define yourself with just what you have done before and what you can do now.

Define yourself with what you are capable of doing in future. Your past cannot be changed. Your present can be changed somewhat but it is still tied down due to its proximity to past. But your future, you can choose it as you wish.


There's no end to our needs. Hence the innovation. But for innovation to take place, we need to accept our current state. Unless we do that we won't realise the need for change. Acceptance of present is necessary to move into future.


By focusing on your present, you can change your past and your future. It's true that past is a done deal. How the events unravelled back then cannot be changed. But what you can change about it is perspective. Instead of viewing the past as the time lost, see it as a time well spent. …


Best way to stay happy: never compare yourself to others.Only compare yourself to you. My past self is a sucker compared to my present self.That makes me happy. My future self? I don't know! Never met her! Can't compare yourself to someone you can't find.(But I bet the future one's doing better!)


Your past doesn't make the basis for your future.Your present does. Your past is long gone.It has no relevance today.Your present action will decide your future discourse. In the past you may have steered the other way but right now,you have the choice to steer it the direction you want. Your past is powerless against …

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