Hardwork does not DIRECTLY lead to success.

Hardwork leads to failure which leads you to success. Hardwork is the test ground of your effort and failure is the test ground of your motivation. Unless you pass both the steps, you cannot reach success.

Motivation is in you.

Yes, there is some discussion about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, how you are driven by internal and external factors to reach a goal. But how effectively the internal and external factors work on you depends ON YOU. If you're receptive to new opportunities then you will find motivation anywhere, anytime.

Be a believer in you

The universe challenges you, because it sees you as a worthy challenger. The universe tests you, because it is curious to assess your potential. Universe is not a your enemy, universe is your coach. It shoots to sting you when you're going the wrong way. It rewards you when you level up. Universe has great, …