When a person is jealous, it means they are not able to reconcile with their own inferiority complex. But understand two things: first, you are not necessarily inferior to the person you're jealous of, and second the person you're jealous of is not necessarily superior to you. It's your own perception that is deceiving you …



Lack of confidence is nothing but lack of trust in oneself. The hesitation you feel before doing anything new is just a challenge that you need to overcome. Trust that you will lead yourself on the right path. The path to righteousness is not easy to walk on, but it's the most noble.


Once you take action, your fear disappears. Why? Because fear is the bad feeling you get from unknown. If you don't know what will happen, if you're not certain what will be, you'll be too crippled by your fear. But once you take action, the outcome of your venture will be known to you. Once …


We don't admire someone else's success. What we admire is their hard work. Your success will fuel envy in others, but your hard work will inspire them. If you want to be loved by everyone even after becoming successful, don't boast your success, but exemplify your hard work. Only those who help others are helped …


A happy life is a fulfilled life. A fulfilled life consists not only of cherishing joyous occasions, but mastering the obstacles. A sense of achievement is necessary to feel happy. You can only feel it when you have achieved something by overcoming your troubles.

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