Tuning the right frequency of emotions

Have you ever observed that we spontaneously feel the pain of the other person (even if it is a stranger)? Although you are not being subjected to the misery, just watching them suffer, makes your heart and soul suffer. How about we develop this spontaneity for others' happiness as well? If we can immediately feel …

Why over-desires are hurtful

Desires are pointers in life, which can sometimes drive us insane. That's why it's important to control them. Controlling desires is not equal to restricting desires. Controlling desires simply means that we don't let them restrict our inner self. Your inner self is a bounty of wisdom. The only way to unleash that bounty is …

How to create balance when you’re about to lose it

A negative thought in mind can only be balanced using a positive thought. You can't avoid negativity, but to counter it, you can always use positive measures. When you scrape your knee or stub your toe, you don't keep deliberately scratch or hit the wound. You tend to it and do your best to heal …

Why our minds are filled with trash

Everyone's so busy hating and envying others that they have lost the art of loving themselves. You can only spread love to others when you have it within you. Love rises within us and spreads across the world, but for some reason we are waiting for that light to shine on us.

Happiness is not a goal

Happiness is a process you need to live through in order to feel happy. This process is never a pure experience of happiness. It is bundled together with ups and downs of life. Happiness is not handed over to you, you find it in your journey.