Whenever you analyse a situation remember that there's always some gain and some loss. You can't have only one, they come in packs of different proportions across different situations. Ask yourself: is this gain worth the loss it brings?


Life is about pluses and minuses.As long as you have even one more plus than minus,you win. P.S. Concerning yourself with other people's pluses and minuses is a sort of minus in itself.Worrying about why others have it all rather than building your own stuff is a real downside.

Why sacrifice is the greatest of all teachers

Self-realization is the most powerful motivator in the world. And it can only be achieved by experiencing loss. It is a high price to pay because we don't want to experience pain. But unless we fail, we don't change. Loss and pain are due in process of self-exploration and discovery. They just happen when we …


Everything in life is a choice.You blame others for the decisions made on your behalf because you were just a thumb sucking kid who did not know the ways of the world? While blaming is a choice; so is dealing with the mess in your life.Everything is a choice.


A problem is a problem when you deem it as a problem.Instead of regretting your bad choices,focus on correcting its negative implications.You may feel the urge to start over,but the thing is - when you run and fall down,you just get up and start running again; you don't go back to the starting post and …