Learning is the foundation of changing oneself.

If you are not satisfied with who you are right now, just learn something new in order to change yourself. Changing oneself or adapting oneself is a goal, and learning is a medium to enact that goal.

Your choices build your present

The question isn't whether you know something or not. The question isn't whether you made a mistake or not. The question is whether you're willing to learn, willing to grow and be your best possible self. Your life distills down to the choice you're willing to make for yourself, not what you did in the …

Learn and grow forever

If you can't do something, it doesn't mean you CAN'T DO IT. It just means that you CAN'T DO IT YET. Just figure out how to do it and practice, because that's what expertise is about. Cursing yourself for being stupid or blaming others for your own limitation is a vicious cycle of stagnation.

Why our minds are filled with trash

Everyone's so busy hating and envying others that they have lost the art of loving themselves. You can only spread love to others when you have it within you. Love rises within us and spreads across the world, but for some reason we are waiting for that light to shine on us.