Jealousy arises when we focus on what others have THAT we don’t.

It's absolutely okay to compare yourself with others to improve oneself. Such comparison may raise some internal conflict in short-term, but in the long-term such comparison is necessary for realizing one's potential. But if you compare yourself with other to kick yourself down, then you'll never be happy again.


Extinguish your jealousy from the inside

Why jealousy happens? It does not happen because the other person has more than us. It happens because we have less than we feel we deserve. The origin of jealousy is not on the outside. It originates within us because we have not found a purpose. If you find your purpose, you wouldn't be jealous …


Grass always looks greener on the other side.If it's your side everyone wants to burn it down by fooling you into doing it.Just appreciate what you have and work on it for improvement.It just a waste of time to whine about what other people have.It doesn't give you the stuff you want,it just stuffs your …

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