The way of learning is the way forward

You are free to compare yourself to others, as long as you use the information gathered to learn and improve. But if you use that information to just pass a judgement, to look down on people or/and to beat yourself for not being successful, then you'll never find achievement. Observation is a tool of learning. …


When a person is jealous, it means they are not able to reconcile with their own inferiority complex. But understand two things: first, you are not necessarily inferior to the person you're jealous of, and second the person you're jealous of is not necessarily superior to you. It's your own perception that is deceiving you …


Do not expect stuff to happen.Expectations are a big killer of dreams.Instead you should focus on exploration because it is an endless path. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go ahead with a plan,but don't restrict yourself to plans.Improvs will always be needed.


Those who complain don't bring change. Those who bring change address those complaints. No matter how noble of a choice you make,you will always face some resistance from others. Pay attention to critique to improve your choices and not to demotivate yourself.


Democracy or Autocracy.Which one works? Both. Then why are we not good at either of them?Where is the flaw? It's within us! Because they are just systems that need the right personnel.And we are nowhere near being the right personnel. What we need is a modification of human nature,not the system itself.Because every system has …