Sometimes odds of success are so low that your whole lifetime won’t be enough to achieve those odds. What do you do then?

Try a different approach but don't change the goal. Those odds were made for the ones who play by the book. It is not only about hard work but also creativity. Combine them and live a great life.


We don't admire someone else's success. What we admire is their hard work. Your success will fuel envy in others, but your hard work will inspire them. If you want to be loved by everyone even after becoming successful, don't boast your success, but exemplify your hard work. Only those who help others are helped …


When people start losing, they wanna start over again, with a clean slate. What they don't realize that the effort they have put so far is not futile. Although you failed, you learned too. You learned what not to do in order to understand what should be done. Don't clean your slate. Fill it with …

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