Only good habits can transform your life.

Bad habits work against your transformation and good temporary changes don't show significant effects, because they are not tested with repetition. Whether a good step towards a good life becomes a good habit is up to you. And habit is simply repetition of that good step.

Why sadness is lingering on all of us

Violence is a means to a very sad end. Violence here not only refers to physical assault, and mental abuse. Violence is also created in mind using imagination, sourced from the information around us. We cannot get rid of violence unless we turn it into an archaic concept. As long as violence remains present in …


Special moments are special because they are rare. Whether it is good or bad doesn't matter. Once it becomes a routine it loses its value. Don't get used to being happy, find moments of happiness. Don't avoid sadness, deal with it.


Going with the flow doesn't mean that you go up without preparation or go down with regret. Going with the flow means to adapt and change until the day comes that you control the flow. Laying back and observing,and deciding the best course of action.That's going with the flow.