Your choices build your present

The question isn't whether you know something or not. The question isn't whether you made a mistake or not. The question is whether you're willing to learn, willing to grow and be your best possible self. Your life distills down to the choice you're willing to make for yourself, not what you did in the …



Life is not a cycle.It is a web. Not one beginning or end.Not one way to live but plenty.Not one choice to make but many. It is a snare.It is a game.We got to adapt and change.Ourselves and our ways. We create the web.We shape it.We destroy it.We end it. We make what we make …


Don't aim to become smart.or strong.or kind.These qualities have no particular definition,standard,metric or limit. Aim to become to become better even by the tiniest fraction every moment. In the end,it is the small steps that cover long milestones.You cannot achieve everything in one go.Live this moment.Cherish it.Improve.Take a step up.And repeat.


There are two ways to make change possible - in both cases you need to become 'big' relative to the task. Either you grow your knowledge and skill - become an expert at doing something. Or you shrink the challenge - you divide your goal into smaller individual attainable actions. Either way,you become more daunting …

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