Life is not a cycle.It is a web. Not one beginning or end.Not one way to live but plenty.Not one choice to make but many. It is a snare.It is a game.We got to adapt and change.Ourselves and our ways. We create the web.We shape it.We destroy it.We end it. We make what we make …


Don't aim to become smart.or strong.or kind.These qualities have no particular definition,standard,metric or limit. Aim to become smarter.stronger.kinder.Strive to become better even by the tiniest fraction every moment. In the end,it is the small steps that cover long milestones.You cannot achieve everything in one go.Live this moment.Cherish it.Improve.Take a step up.And repeat.


As we become an adult,logic becomes a norm and creativity something unique.As a child it is the other way round.To us some of their endeavour may seem fruitless,but what they do all the time is completely new to them,and that's important.They don't hesitate to try because they don't understand the cost that risk bears.Who do …


How stress works: you are like a child in the room.You use some stuff then you don't.Or you repeatedly keep using the same stuff and don't use the other things at all.You keep your stuff back in place or maybe you don't.The more disorganized your room becomes,the more difficult your life gets when trying to …

Upgrade yourself through acceptance

The first step towards change is the acceptance of the idea that 'change is needed'. Unless you accept that you have an illness, you will not look for a cure. Unless you accept you need a 'change', the change will not happen.