Be critical of what you believe in.

Humans don't put effort into distinguishing between right and wrong. Because it's not essential to survival. What is essential is for survival is staying on the winning side - serving the cause of the 'dominant'. It explains the atrocities that were committed by our ancestors (and some of us).

Hardwork does not DIRECTLY lead to success.

Hardwork leads to failure which leads you to success. Hardwork is the test ground of your effort and failure is the test ground of your motivation. Unless you pass both the steps, you cannot reach success.


Imagine you're in a boat with some people. All of a sudden you notice a hole in the center of the boat from where water is leaking in to the boat slowly. You warn the others. They all ignore your warnings, saying that it's nothing to worry about. So what do you do? You remain …


Don't judge your work based on what others think. Judge your work on the basis of what you think. The others did not invest their time and effort, but you did. If you feel what you have done is meaningful, you have definitely scored a point.


Don't judge people by what they can't do but what they can do. You cannot always find a 'know-it-all' but you can always build one. There is a difference between having an ability and having a potential. Ability is like a dish.It's already prepared.You can improve it by adding more things to it,but the foundation …