Why there is a great potential for discovery

If you think you know enough, you are yet to discover the abundance of knowledge. When we think that we know everything, we stop searching. When we stop searching, we stop creating new knowledge leading to stagnation.


We all wish to be born in a perfect world, but never strive to perfect the world we live in. If we can't even try to make world a better, what makes us think that we deserve a better world in the first place? To be deserving one has to prove their worth.


Our biggest mistake is that we try to understand the world with our current knowledge. One should always strive for undiscovered knowledge to completely understand the world. You cannot solve a case without looking for clues. You need to keep looking for new clues to expand your knowledge and solve the case.


Don't compare yourself to others. Instead learn from them. Two people are never alike. So there's no point in comparing. But learning is open to everyone. You will live one life. Only one life with respect to the person you are now. To do that effectively you need good resources. And is there a better …


The first step to understanding something is not understanding it. I would only try to understand something that I don't know.For what I know I will just assume I know it and won't critically pursue it any further. Knowledge evolves through debates and conversations.It isn't stable,it is ever changing. To keep up with the change,we …

Create, not borrow

You cannot complete yourself by borrowing the missing piece from other people. When you lack love and find it in someone, you have not created your own love but borrowed it from someone. It will give you temporary peace, but not long term satisfaction. The only way you can experience wholeness of love is by …