Evolution makes things good enough, not perfect. But why? If you were given an assignment would you work hard or work smart? Work smart is what our bodies did. So if you already worked smart that should provide a scaffolding for working hard right? Why not make the model better if the structure is already …

Real me

One can always use cheap tricks to drag others down and make themselves look superior.But what good will that do? You will betray your own chance of being excellent by eliminating fierce competition and advancement towards growth.


Parenting is not about shaping the child.It is more about creating an environment in which the child shapes itself. So you don't get to choose what the child should do or shouldn't do.You just lay down the ground rules and let the child decide the path it wants to take. You can teach your child …


Don't compare yourself to the people in the past.They are way back in time and our job is to walk forward.And only way we can do that is when we try new ideas.Repeating and following the old ones will just bring us up to the present,not take us into the future.


Life is about pluses and minuses.As long as you have even one more plus than minus,you win. P.S. Concerning yourself with other people's pluses and minuses is a sort of minus in itself.Worrying about why others have it all rather than building your own stuff is a real downside.

Personal Growth

It's futile to think that everyone should grow up a the same pace. Some people run fast,some run slow. Some take risks,some make careful decisions. Some are certain,some are uncertain. Trying to take away someone uniqueness for the sake of generality. Please.We are not plants.