Why death is so mystical

Death is a neutral state. For some it is an emergency exit to get away from worries of life, and for others it is a lost chance for creating a happier life. Death is a just a medium. It is not a remedy or punishment. What we make of it, makes all the difference.


People do things for a reason.As long as they don't harm others or self that reason is valid. When you harm someone to get what you want you abandon your humanity (which is not great thing to do as a human is it?).We are not animals,or rather we are not primitive.We have higher order thinking,just …


I didn't choose to come to this world.But I am still here.And I am in awe because it is so beautiful.That's why I feel obligated to return the favour. The beginning is same for all.But the ending is different.Because our journey in the middle is always overlapping with the journey of others.This randomness sets a …

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