Back in the past (very long ago!), you could find genetic makeup which was favourable towards energy storage in the body. So when the food was available it would be eaten and stored efficiently, and when the winter came making surroundings less conducive to grow and find food, we had to rely on our energy …

My Plan

When people look towards you and expect you to follow the norm,don't look back at them. Just look towards a future in which you tried to be different from the rest with no regrets. It won't guarantee that you'll win or lose but certainly it will let you experience playing by one's own rules.It's your …


Masses can be more easily influenced than an individual.Being in a social group creates a pressure to follow the social norm.Led by authority we forget our true selves and become part of the group.It is important to save your identity.That's what makes you sane.That's what makes you human.


Intellectually we are supposed to feel uncomfortable that's how we grow. We are moving towards a culture in which we are comfortable with each others identity and views and don't really question them. Is that the way to go? Should we not try to change people's mind if we think they are wrong? If we …


Guys keep long hair and wear earrings to look cool.But why does it look cool? Do they feel cool to look like a girl (because we associate longer hair and the obsession for jewelry with femininity)? Or do they feel cooler by breaking the social norms of the society to stand out?