You can force someone to work all day long.But the efforts will be the result of compliance to the order rather than fulfilling engagement to work. That's why we hate to be managed.May it be an educational institute or workplace or home.We feel bound to rules with no room for flexibility. Authority suppresses us when …


Creativity does not mean being wrong or different. Creativity is the capacity to be wrong or different. Creativity grows bigger and bigger when we start removing restrictions or stop imposing regulations. Not making a mistake is unoriginal.Everyone strives to achieve that.It's when we create something original out of our mistakes that we really become creative.


The first step to understanding something is not understanding it. I would only try to understand something that I don't know.For what I know I will just assume I know it and won't critically pursue it any further. Knowledge evolves through debates and conversations.It isn't stable,it is ever changing. To keep up with the change,we …

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