The innovation coming out of cooperation is far better than of competition.

Competitive spirit pushes us to hide stuff and that forces us to work with limited information. Cooperative spirit acquaints you with the best ideas possible and create something extraordinary.


There may be some people who laugh at you or complain about you, trying to drag you down when you're reaching your peak of success. Let them do that. Because that's all weak can do. Just kick them in the face a bit while they're pulling your leg.


God is like an imaginary friend we all have to soothe us.Problems arise when people start killing real people for the sake of their imaginary friend which is only a factor of their imagination.So they are not killing for someone else but for their own sake and just blaming others.If that friend really exists and …

Why cooperation is better than competition

We all start off at the same point when we are born. We all end up at the same point when we die. It is the journey in between that makes all the difference. Everyone of us is in a race, where we try to run as fast as we can to win the game. …

How a person and a pizza are relatives

The only person you can compare yourself to is - no one really. Not even yourself. Let's understand together from the explanation given below, shall we? Every pizza is different. Even pizzas of same kind are different from each other. They could vary from - a difference of a grain of salt to a slightly …


Everyone is unique with respect to their personality,privileges & experience.No matter how hard you try,how long you live or how much you think you can achieve,you will always be short on something.There's only one way to fill that space - with people.Keep making new connections,you'll never feel empty.