Emotion as a medium to live

When you hate someone, you restrict your view of them. You create the worst possible scenario of who they can be. Even if they have good qualities, you just simply ignore them. We don't simply narrow down our viewpoint about someone or something. We narrow down everything that we see and everything that we can …


There's always a better choice. But sometimes looking for better can make things worse. Accepting what you have is a healthy option. But it doesn't mean you don't a better plate. At some point in life you have to trade-off. It's up to you what you want to put up for trade.

Greater good

A leader should prioritise the group over the individual. Individual needs are difficult to fulfil or sometimes almost impossible to meet. But if we fulfil the demand of the group, it makes a fair balance for every group member. Compromise for greater good leads to greater sense of happiness than selfish stubbornness ever will.