Moral reason

Pure reasoning and pure morality, separately are a recipe for chaos, but together they are a recipe for harmony. To be too logical means you forget to put your heart out into important things, and to be too stringent about moral you forget that not punishment, but changing the person's mind and heart i.e. teaching …


Making realistic choices is better than making perfect choices because it accounts for unwillingness and failure. Perfect choice never gives you result because it is just so tough to follow through. Realistic choices bring change by walking on the path of least resistance. You walk more freely and slowly,but every step you take is forward …


True workout is not when you push your body beyond limits,it is when you push your limits farther ahead. Don't break limits,expand your limits.The point is not to break but to change and become better. Pushing the limits accommodates growth.Pushing your body is a recipe for damage.


Life is about pluses and minuses.As long as you have even one more plus than minus,you win. P.S. Concerning yourself with other people's pluses and minuses is a sort of minus in itself.Worrying about why others have it all rather than building your own stuff is a real downside.