You can gain anything you want by being selfless.

We are a part of the universe, and not something distinct from it. When you lower your ego, you see yourself as one with the universe, which expands your vision, and makes you feel abundant.

Be a believer in you

The universe challenges you, because it sees you as a worthy challenger. The universe tests you, because it is curious to assess your potential. Universe is not a your enemy, universe is your coach. It shoots to sting you when you're going the wrong way. It rewards you when you level up. Universe has great, …

Why giving to the world is a gift for oneself

When you believe you don't have much to offer, you'll always feel poor. It's not really about how much you REALLY have, it's about how much you THINK you have, that makes all the difference. That's why some people no matter how rich they get, might always feel lack of something in back of your …

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