Needs have no end.

We all feel that once we have satisfied all our needs, we will feel fulfilled. That's not true. If you keep waiting to finish the bucket list of needs, I assure you you'll kick the bucket sooner than feeling fulfilled.

You need to control your energy to get the most out of it.

If you feel too energetic, you'll become restless and crush everything in your way. Remember you need to achieve your goals, not crush them. If you're restless throughout the journey, you'll never enjoy the journey. If you feel low on energy, you'll become lethargic. Forget about reaching the goal, you'll be too tired to even …

Why do we hold on to things? Why can’t we just let go?

The simple answer is because we don't feel secure enough. Let's take an example. Your body fat. I am sure most of you have some unwanted fat on some part of your body that you'll love to get rid of. Why can't it just go away? Why is it there in the first place? Your …

You can gain anything you want by being selfless.

We are a part of the universe, and not something distinct from it. When you lower your ego, you see yourself as one with the universe, which expands your vision, and makes you feel abundant.