Only good habits can transform your life.

Bad habits work against your transformation and good temporary changes don't show significant effects, because they are not tested with repetition. Whether a good step towards a good life becomes a good habit is up to you. And habit is simply repetition of that good step.

Happiness is an identity you create

We want to experience maximum happiness. Yet we forget to or/and choose not to collect happiness from moments available to us in the present. 'IF this happens, THEN I will be happy' - ordinary mindset. 'I AM happy' - extraordinary minset. When you put a condition on your own happiness, meaning when you decide a …

Don’t look for happiness, cultivate it

There are two ways to be happy: One is the direct way where you work for your own interests. For instance, getting top grades, best promotions, or best deals in shopping bags. But this happiness comes on the expense of someone else's happiness. You can't get top grade without putting others at the bottom, you …

Create, not borrow

You cannot complete yourself by borrowing the missing piece from other people. When you lack love and find it in someone, you have not created your own love but borrowed it from someone. It will give you temporary peace, but not long term satisfaction. The only way you can experience wholeness of love is by …

Upgrade yourself through acceptance

The first step towards change is the acceptance of the idea that 'change is needed'. Unless you accept that you have an illness, you will not look for a cure. Unless you accept you need a 'change', the change will not happen.