Success and failure are not outcomes of your efforts.

Success and failure are processes that help you evolve. They tell you what works and what not works. Unfortunately, we use success and failure to judge ourselves and others. What we should rather be doing is use them as 'tools' to unravel are potential. REMEMBER: Success and failures are merely TOOLS of growth, not growth …

Don’t wait for a ‘right time’ to do a right thing. A right time doesn’t exist out there.

A right time is created the moment you do a right thing. Because the ability to create a right time exists within you. YOU bring your own change, not some external force. Good night 😀

Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for action.

Perfection is the outcome of action. Unless you act you can't get better. Good morning 😀 Hey everyone! I know lately I have been irregular with my postings. It seems that I am experiencing some 'writer's block'. I am exploring new things everyday to reignite the spark that I had in early years of my …

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