Don’t compare.

Just as you are scared of other people’s strengths, they are scared of your strengths.

Just as you are insecure of your own flaws, others are insecure of their own flaws.

We get so busy fighting our own battles, we forget that others are fighting battles of their own.

The only way to win all the battles is to cooperate. You fight their battles with them, and they fight your battles with you.

In the modern world we follow this pattern, but with a slight mischief. We try to sabotage other people in their battles, while exploiting them to achieve our own selfish goals.

People now don’t want to overcome problems together. They want to overcome only their personal problems, completely ignoring the fact that other people’s pain may end up becoming their own.

We became the dominant species on the planet due to our social nature promoting cooperation. Now we are drifting away from our nature, and then wondering why we feel discontented with our souls. It’s not in our nature to hurt, it’s in our nature to love.

Until the day we overcome our differences to shoulder each others’ pain, we will never be supreme. We’ll never be happy. We’ll perish without achieving anything.

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