Why do we hold on to things? Why can’t we just let go?

The simple answer is because we don’t feel secure enough.

Let’s take an example. Your body fat. I am sure most of you have some unwanted fat on some part of your body that you’ll love to get rid of. Why can’t it just go away? Why is it there in the first place?

Your body fat is an energy reserve for emergencies. An emergency is any stressful situation that you encounter. The more you feel stressed, the more your body is inclined towards storing fat on itself. The feeling of stress increases when you feel insecure. To sum it up, if you want to burn excess body fat, you need to get away from stress, and feel really secure.

All our unwanted and uninvited issues will go away the moment we feel we are secure. We are not vulnerable, we are strong. Once we feel secure, we can let go of stress thus the troubles it brings.

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