6 Replies to “Greed is the root of humanity’s problem.”

  1. It depends how you define it. Years ago, a radio host made the claim that charges of greed were just disguised envy, and that there was no such thing as greed. I disagreed and finally came up with what I feel is a workable definition:

    Greed is desire for anything that you’re not willing to work for and come by honestly and legally.

    People of any social class can be greedy or selfless with this definition.

    BUT there are also intolerance, fear and jealousy as causes of problems and suffering. Jealousy could be said to be a type of greed though. 😉


  2. The last bit on jealousy was fun to read! 😂
    A very interesting definition though..not many people take the effort to reflect over it.
    I feel greed is a unit we can use to measure the worst of things that exist. Intolerance and fear may have a greed component since in those cases you’re not willing to open up to someone or something who you perceive differently.
    Maybe greed itself can have a smaller unit called ‘narrow mindset’ which one can use to explain cause of suffering?

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  3. Greed is a huge problem in the world it covers many aspects, wasting food and water, requiring to many material objects, buying for the sake of buying, got to have what the neighbour has, the virus has seen many people clean out shops for supplies without a thought for another person. Pure selfishness.

    At a govt level it is power and abuse of power to gain control.

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