The world is neither fair nor unfair.

It’s us who label the world as we deem fit.

You can choose which side of history you want to be on, that made the world a better place or a place that you wouldn’t want to live in twice.

2 Replies to “The world is neither fair nor unfair.”

  1. Till date, I have never said, “life is fair” or “life is unfair” simply because my brain seems not human enough to understand the meaning of it. I’d say,
    “Life is like a big natural puzzle, and you have to solve yourself out of it.”

    A puzzle, unlike an exam, is neither fair nor unfair. Oh, I get it now, right now. People usually think life as an exam placed by Him, and so they grade it fair or unfair. I do not see it as an exam because exams are meant to fail too, to reject the underperformer whereas life is meant to learn, to improve oneself – a difference of perspectives !

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