Jealousy inhibits your talent

Each of us has limitless potential. It gives us a reason to not be jealous of anyone.

Your jealousy stems from the notion that you haven’t unraveled your potential, while the other person has. Instead of belittling the other person, focus on recognizing and expanding your inner identity.

Why be jealous when you can have what they have? Surely you don’t have success yet, but is it impossible to achieve? I guess you’d argue that you have limited chance of achieving something RIGHT NOW, but what about a week later? A month later? A year later? A decade later? If you work bit by bit, you will increase your odds of achievement. Sitting and whining won’t do any magic for you.

I can’t guarantee that you will succeed in life, but I do guarantee you if you’re not willing to learn, grow and change, you certainly won’t have the slightest chance at a successful life. But if you’re willing to work, anyone one would bet on you, because those who show willingness to grow, hold the most promise of leading the world.

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