Happiness is an identity you create

We want to experience maximum happiness.

Yet we forget to or/and choose not to collect happiness from moments available to us in the present.

‘IF this happens, THEN I will be happy’ – ordinary mindset.

‘I AM happy’ – extraordinary minset.

When you put a condition on your own happiness, meaning when you decide a specific criteria of happiness, you put a limit on how happy you can be. Because outside that criteria, you imply you don’t deserve happiness.

When you remove the limiter and are willing to be happy in every moment of life, you are tapping into the resource of abundant happiness.

Now, when I say that you should be ‘happy forever’, I do not mean that you giggle in someone’s funeral. Sadness, anger, guilt – they’ll come. The secret of happiness lies in letting go of these negative emotions, and remembering that you have the ability to rebound from a low state to a higher state of being.

For instance, if you get into fight with someone over phone, you can’t escape from it immediately. But when you switch the topic of the conversation, or put down the phone – you do have a CHOICE. Either you can rebound from that fiery negative state to a more pleasant, tranquil state, or cling to the topic of fight to plunge yourself into the sewage of hate and disgust.

Simply put, BE happy. If you are being consumed by negativity, remember that you can rebound from it to a state of happiness. It’s only when you cling to negativity or let negativity cling to you, you’re pulling yourself away from happiness.

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