Don’t look for happiness, cultivate it

There are two ways to be happy:

One is the direct way where you work for your own interests. For instance, getting top grades, best promotions, or best deals in shopping bags. But this happiness comes on the expense of someone else’s happiness. You can’t get top grade without putting others at the bottom, you can’t get promoted unless you outperform your colleagues, nor you can get a good discount without industries, workers or/and sellers incurring loss.

The other way that I call ‘indirect way’ of happiness doesn’t come with these side effects. You can get top grade with others by collectively studying and improving each other, you can get promoted at job with other people getting promoted as well for their endeavours, and getting a discount for the stuff you buy while investing in those businesses who are trying to maximize quality and minimize costs.

Direct happiness is short lived because only you experience it. Indirect happiness lives forever beacuse we all experience it one way or the other. Don’t look for happiness. Cultivate happiness within you and share with others. When they find a way to cultivate their own happiness, they’ll share some back with you, perpetuating the cycle of sharing and joy.

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