Detox to remove hate

Hate is fire. A fire when lit up will burn itself to ashes, with anything else it can latch on to.

Hate is a feeling that we experience from time to time. We consume it, it consumes us, and terrible things happen.

Instead of being charred down by the fire of hate, why don’t we just watch it from distance? Just observe it, observe the hate. You’ll find you don’t to be consumed by hate to calm down, you can just watch it perish on its own from a distance.

When we see someone destroying themselves, do we develop a tendency to destroy ourselves? No. We don’t want to experience hate, no matter how much of it we see around us. Then why drown yourself in the hate created by you?

Don’t be a vessel for fire of hate. Be a fire brigade. You can’t control when there’s an outbreak, but you can certainly set the intention and action to control it. A true intention leads to effective results.

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