Weight loss

Calories consumed minus Calories expended if in negative results in weight loss.Simple enough?

Well there is a problem of perception here.Instead of working on latter people work on the former to lose weight.

People starve themselves to reduce the calorie intake and in the process miss out on vital macro & micro nutrients they should be getting from food.

But you can’t blame them.To increase the number of calories expended you gotta exercise a lot and who has time & will to do just that?

Well exercise doesn’t help us lose a lot of weight,at least not as much as we are made to believe.Our BMR or base metabolic rate is responsible for most of the weight loss.BMR is used when you are just surviving really – breathing,sitting,walking,etc – any routine is included.

So have foods which are primarily rich in protein in addition to other nutrition because it takes longer to digest and keeps you full for longer period of time,burning more fat of body in the process.

If you exercise have a pre and post workout meal ready rich in protein and carbohydrates.Pre workout meal should be taken 30 minutes before as a standard and post workout meal can be eaten immediately.Protein will help build muscle mass and carbohydrates will refuel you.

Drinking and bathing in cold water can help you to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss.But drink cold water on empty stomach,not on full because it will hinder the digestion process.

And when I say weight loss I mean you should focus on fat loss rather than muscle loss.Muscles are important to carry out day-to-day activities.Fat is also good to keep body insulated and warm but too much is additional burden.

Most of the weight loss is about dietary changes.Consume fast food just once a week and rest of the week stick to your healthy diet of vegetables,legumes,lean meat,etc.

Don’t consume too many fruits as they are high on sugar.If you consume dairy and meat,make sure to choose the low-fat ones.

9 Replies to “Weight loss”

  1. I found your diet blog post today to be right on the mark. You are honest about what to and what not to do in eating before and after working out. Very impressed with your knowledge and understanding in making this simple for us to read and relate to I. Deal Ideas !! Happy Easter !!


  2. Hey! From what I understand the research is conflicted. But experimenting on oneself may help to find answers. Here are some points:
    1. Short-term cold exposure (30 minutes) in humans leads to fatty acid release to provide fuel for heat production through shivering. This same shivering could be sufficient to recruit GLUT-4 to the surface of muscle cells, contributing to increased lean muscle gain.
    2. Even at shorter durations, cold exposure with shivering could increase adiponectin levels and glucose uptake by muscle tissue. This effect could persist long after the cold exposure ends.
    3. In the absence of shivering, it is still possible to capitalize on β€œfat-burning fat” through the stimulation of BAT thermogenesis. Curiously, even without shivering, there are small but unaccounted increases in lean muscle tissue when comparing underwater (superior) v. land-based exercise.
    4. Cold water improves immunity. Acute cold exposure has immuno-stimulating effects, and preheating with physical exercise or a warm shower can enhance this response. Increases in levels of circulating norepinephrine may account for this.
    5. Not germane to fat loss, but another reason to use cold exposure: cold showers are an effective treatment for depression. One study used showers at 20Β°C (68Β°F) for two to three minutes, preceded by a five-minute gradual adaptation to make the procedure less shocking.


  3. Yes the research shows that there might be an increase but the truth is that your body auto-regulates the temperature + the increase burns an insignificant amount of energy πŸ™‚ we are talking about like 10 extra calories for your TDEE. Not worth the struggle everyday I think ahaha

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