Happiness for me is an open garden with beautiful flowers.Flowers do fade away or get crushed though.That’s the inevitability of life and one must be prepared for it.If you want to sustain your beautiful garden – you will have to protect it and tend to it.You will have to face a lot of threats,get some wounds in the process and feel the pain for your dream.The more of it you feel,will either make you more determined to protect something precious to you or force you to give up and watch in terror as you lose everything.If you want peace of mind you will have to tend to your thoughts and behaviour and ward off any stressors out of the way.You can’t remain ignorant and happy at the same time.This may be your reality but certainly not your full world.

5 Replies to “Guard”

  1. Hey man,fully understand and appreciate the thoughts.My feeling is however much you try to be happy,there always lurks some insecurity at subconscious level.It’s very difficult to overcome this.The intensity of insecurity may vary from person to person.This subconscious insecurity results in ‘stress’.Stress relief methods are always incomplete since you can never be free of thought of insecurity.Man we are highly intelligent creatures and we live in a complex and complicated world.These are my personal opinion.Thank you for this thought provoking post.I am glad I read it.

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  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Insecurity may not be unique to humans but we sure take it very seriously and build unthinkable things to ease it down.


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