Your data may not be wrong,but the model could be.Your sensations could be in perfect sync but your perception may not be so.We really like to question others,but what do we do when it comes to us? Do we object to our own decisions? Do we question our own strengths and weaknesses? Do we try to become our own worst critic? It’s one thing to be skeptical about the external world,and another to be skeptical about our own.We tend to see what path others are taking,and during the process lose our own.Sometimes we should take a moment to see the chaos within us and feel the randomness that even exceeds the entropy of the universe.

2 Replies to “Turmoil”

  1. Well said. Every one of us think we are always perfect and correct.No questions to be raised. Neither any introspection. Ego,greed and pride are the culprits. Even Senior citizens with so much of life experience behind,fall prey.Thanks enjoyed reading.

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